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Our equipment have been tested under rigorous conditions to prove exceptional results, giving you the ability to do the job correctly and efficiently each and every time.





 Cleaner Application Tool Allows The Technician To Perform an “On Engine” Cleaning of The Entire Fuel  System.

  • A “Fluid-Flow” sight glass.
  • The ability to pressure-check the fuel system.
  • The product fill area has a funnel design to avoid spills.
  • A steel-braided outlet hose with protective rubber coating.
  • A 30 fluid ounce fluid capacity for combined-product applications.
  • Works on off shop air; no aerosol cans required.
  • Connects directly to the vehicle’s fuel rail.
  • Complete set of fuel-rail adapters are available.








Coolant Exchanger allows the technician to perform a complete cooling-system fluid exchange. State-of-the-art features make this Coolant Exchanger fast and easy to use.

  • Performs a Complete Service in Less Than 15 Minutes.
  • Computer-Controlled System.
  • Rugged Plastic Molded Chassis.
  • MOC® Patented Quick-Connect Adapter.
  • One-Touch Interface Panel.









 Multi-Fluid Exchanger allows the technician to perform a complete fluid exchange in one easy step.

  • Advanced computer-controlled system & easy two-switch operation
  • Air operated
  • Mobile unit with rotating casters
  • Adapter holder inside chassis
  • Flow-control valves are conveniently located at end of service hose.
  • Hanging chain for easy positioning.
  • Full set of flexible adapters to reach and fit any opening.
  • Large-capacity 5-gallon waste tank.
  • Separate 3.5 gallon new-fluid tank in the rear.
  • Capable of removing up to 90-weight gear oil.







Power-Steering-Fluid Exchanger allows the technician to perform a power-steering-fluid exchange in one easy step. 

  • Complete adapter kit for domestic/foreign vehicles
  • Includes new “Y” adapter for hard-to-reach power-steering reservoirs.
  • Comes complete with a remote control, allowing the user to oversee operation of the service.
  • A stand-alone mobile chassis provides freedom & convenience for the user.
  • Color-coded hoses and lights, to identify new-and-used containers quickly.
  • Capable of refilling power-steering systems through the power-steering-fluid reservoir.
  • Automatic coupler shutoffs on service hoses.
  • Heavy-duty clear hoses for visual confirmation of fluid transfer.
  • Large-capacity 5 gallon waste tank.
  • No power steering disassembly needed; access is gained through the power-steering fill cap.








 The patented Pure Brake® Fluid Exchanger allows a single technician to perform a complete brake-fluid exchange and bleed service on most vehicles in less than ten minutes.

  • Advanced computer-controlled system.
  • Helpful safety features.
  • Utilizes access code activation for added control & security.
  • Flexibility of three operating modes.
  • Complete set of one-piece adaptors that require no assembly before use.
  • Sturdy molded-plastic chassis.
  • Unique fluid-test strips provide fast, accurate indication of fluid quality.









 ATF Exchanger allows the technician to perform a complete transmission fluid exchange. State-of-the-art features make this ATF Exchanger fast and easy to use.

  • Complete Adapter Kit For Domestic/Foreign Vehicles
  • One-to-One Fluid Transfer
  • One-Touch Interface Panel
  • Computer-Controlled System
  • One Machine For Any Type of ATF
  • Rugged Plastic Molded Chassis
  • Compact and Portable
  • Interchangeable color-coded tanks